1-16-12; In case you want to know what the article below might say--Keefe, Campbell & Associates’ updated HIPAA-GINA compliant release is available in English and Española.

This will confirm we have a one-page updated medical release for your consideration and use in managing your WC/GL/EPLI and other injury claims involving medical care.

It is our intention to make the release easy to use and fully HIPAA and GINA compliant.

Yes, we know there is a “workers’ compensation exception” to HIPAA—the problem is many doctors and hospitals don’t know or care about the exception. Having a signed release in your file is a much better way to insure the free flow of needed medical information and documentation in handling WC/GL and other injury claims involving medical treatment.

You may note we have added protections to allow limited disclosure of care and concerns about AIDS/HIV that is now called “ARC” or AIDS-related complex.

Behavioral or mental health issues and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse are also added.

We recommend any employee who reports an injury or work-related disability sign one of these forms and it then be kept in all WC or other claim files related to that event.

It can also be used in an appropriate GL or EPLI setting. The use of this medical release is not limited to Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana/Michigan claims.

One of our top KC&A paralegals, Angie Gomez, has translated it into Española for appropriate claims. She also translated the article in Espanola we published above.

If you want one or both versions, send a reply and we will forward it. We are also posting it on our website for future reference. We thank Angie for her hard work.