• We take pride in handling claims for defense only. This firm does not handle Petitioner claims and does not run into conflicts in creating law or precedent unfavorable to our defense clients, unlike some of our competitors.

  • Our attorneys have extensive experience in all matters relating to workers' compensation including disputes with regard to employer/employee, accident, causal connection, wage disputes, medical bills, temporary total disability and nature and extent of the injury.

  • Additional expertise in the related civil litigation including subrogation, recovery of workers' compensation liens, defense of third party actions, OSHA compliance, retaliatory discharge and bad faith claims.

  • Strong proponents of pro se (or out of court) settlements and handling these claims in a streamlined fashion to protect the interests of employer and employee.


  • Our attorneys have experience in cases alleging race, sex, age and disability discrimination brought in both federal and state jurisdictions.

  • In addition to discrimination cases, we have experience in wrongful termination/retaliatory discharge cases, defamation actions, negligent hiring and retention claims, labor arbitrations, enforcement of restrictive covenants and the defense of unfair labor practice complaints.

  • We have handled such claims in the state and federal courts and a variety of administrative agencies including the Illinois Department of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


  • Many times a dispute that can be costly, or cause adverse publicity, can be resolved privately and at less expense with the help of a mediator or arbitrator. At KCBA, we have attorneys who are trained in representing clients for mediation/arbitration.

  • Each alternative dispute method has advantages and disadvantages for particular parties and cases. We advise clients as to which type of alternative dispute resolution may be appropriate for particular reasons.


  • We have experience in defending matters involving truck and automobile collisions, slip and fall injuries, homeowners liability, libel/slander, false arrest, civil rights and malicious prosecution claims.

  • Our firm is also involved in construction litigation including cases arising from contractual disputes, mechanics' liens, breach of warranty, failure of performance, contractor default and general/subcontractor disputes.

  • Product liability litigation is another strong concern at Keefe, Campbell, Biery & Associates. This includes defense of manufacturers, distributors, vendors, brokers and all parties in the chain of control.


  • Shawn R. Biery and Matthew Ignoffo are Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified.

  • Do not mistake settlement value falling under review thresholds as waiver of potential liability for MSA.

  • Section 111 Mandatory Reporting Requirements, Conditional Payments, Medicare Set-asides (including $0 MSA approvals in appropriate cases).

For a free seminar on the applicable Medicare Set -Aside issues please contact Shawn R. Biery or Matthew Ignoffo.