9-6-11; Hey, Mitch and Ron, wassup with the WC PPO thing?

The law was voted for by the Illinois House and Senate in May. It was signed by Governor Quinn on June 28, 2011. Looking at a calendar, it appears we are now way into September. We assume that is enough time to do what the legislature wanted at least ninety days ago.

We have been advised the Illinois Department of Insurance has provisionally allowed one application for approval as a WC PPO. There are lots and lots of other applications pending.

The WC Commission seems stuck in the mud on approving and promulgating the “opt-out” form that we think an eighth-grader could write—for easy reference “steal” whatever they use in Kentucky, that has the same concept.

Conspiracy theorists are starting to feel the claimant bar and Illinois State Medical Society may be causing friction and foot-dragging because they don’t want it in place.

In our view, the sooner our defense clients start saving money, the better.

So, let’s rock and roll, fellows or what is it going to take to get this in place?