4-19-2011; Another thought on mismanagement of State of Illinois WC claims by state workers—simple math

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission's 2009 year-end report indicates there were about 95,600 cases pending at the Arbitration and Commission level. See http://www.state.il.us/agency/iic/annualreport09.pdf Page 19.


State of Illinois workers who file work injury claims cannot be appealed to the Circuit Court by law so any litigated claim would be pending at the Commission. They admit they had 25,000 WC claims in 2009 so something like one in five state workers has a pending WC claim.


If all of that is accurate and the State of Illinois had  25,000 cases open in 2009, they had 26% of pending claims at the Commission. We understand some of the CMS claims may be non-litigated but we bet there aren't a lot--the vast majority of State of Illinois WC claims are litigated.


We hope the Governor and other involved parties start to take notice of these sort of problems and don’t stop turning rocks over only at Menard C.C. We appreciate your thoughts and comments.